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Free Microsoft Points Generator | Xbox Live Code Generator

If you are looking for free Microsoft points then you have come to right place.Now you can easily get this by using our Microsoft points generator software.

 About Xbox and their store:

Xbox is a very famous gaming console and now almost every latest games support this console.There are a lot of xbox users all over the world like from France, united states, united kingdom, Australia, Canada etc.But the most awful thing xbox offers it their paid xbox live store.users need to pay a lot of money in order to buy xbox games.

How to buy xbox games from the xbox live store?

You can buy xbox games by using 2 ways:

1. You can use credit card/paypal to buy games directly

2. You can buy xbox live codes and then by redeeming cards you can get microsoft points in your account

How xbox store works?

Upon a purchase of xbox live code,

1. Xbox checks about payment by using their algorithm of the cart

2. This algorithm generates response code if payment has successfully done

3.Second phase is to decode that repose.Upon successful decode process,xbox generates xbox live code by using set of algorithms and iterations

How to get free xbox live codes?

1. First download Microsoft points generator from below button and then install it by using simple wizard.

2. Open your generator from desktop shortcut

3. Unlock your software by using the license key (If you don’t have then there is another button too)

4. Our software is currently offering 3 kinds of free xbox live codes

  • 1600 points
  • 2500 points
  • 4000 points

5. Select any one card and then hit the generate button

6. After a few seconds you will see your generated code

7. You can redeem this code from xbox or from your PC



How to download xbox live code generator?

I know you have a question that whats our profit if we are giving away free xbox live points generator. Well then I would like to say, We are not doing any kind of charity. We used a different CPA and PPI networks to earn money. We have protected our software from spammers by using our license manager system. You just need to have a license key to unlock our software and to get free xbox live codes.You can learn how you can get license key in order to unlock the software.

How can I unlock your software?

If you have already downloaded your software and when you will first time open your software , you will see our license manager system like this

Microsoft Points Generator Licence manager

It is very easy to unlock our software in order to get free Microsoft points.

Follow these steps to get a license key:

1. Click on “get serial key” button

Get serial key

2. You will be redirected to survey page

3. Complete any quick offer to get 25 digit serial key

4. Copy serial key and then paste it on our software and hit “Enter serial key” button

Free Microsoft Points

Congratulations, you have successfully unlocked your software.


Features in our free Microsoft Points Generator:

  • 100% virus free. You can find Virustotal scan report next to the download button
  • We are using SSL system, so that xbox can’t detect our software’s algorithm
  • We update our software very frequently(mostly weekly)
  • 100% reliable as we have hosted our software on a dedicated server

Screenshots of Xbox live code generator:

Free Microsoft Points Generator



Download Microsoft Points Generator 2013

Download microsoft points generator


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